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School location (SMGHS)

  • Website:
  • Add: 606, Sec. 1, Zhongqing Rd, Taichung 40462, Taiwan, R.O.C
  • (Near the intersection of Zhongqing RD & Sec 4, HanKou RD, and an opposite side of
  • the Plaza International Hotel.)
  • Tel: +886-4- 2292 1175
  • Fax: +886-4- 2296 0518

Regional cross-city transportation to school

  • HSR: Wu-Ji High Speed Railway Station→Chung Chang Express Highway No.74.→Zhongqing RD→SMGHS
  • Train Station: Taichung Train Station→Chung Cheng RD→Wu Chuan RD→Zhongqing RD→SMGHS
  • Freeway: National Highway No.1→Interchange of TaYa RD→Zhongqing RD→SMGHS
  • Intercity bus: choose the bus destined for Taichung city with the route going through Zhongqing RD→SMGHS
  • Taxi: stop in front of the SMGHS (near intersection of Zhongqing RD &Sec 4,HanKou RD, and on the opposite side of the Plaza International Hotel.)

Downtown direct public transportation to School

  • Bus information: (From Taichung Train station to the stop at SMGHS)
  • Taichung bus: 6、9、33、101
  • Ren-Yeou bus: 61 Route
  • Fare: 25~30 NTD (Taichung Train station to SMGHS is about 25 minutes.)


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