Second language courses

Second language courses

About this course

Language teaching in SMGHS focuses not only on English but also on other second languages as well.
In compliance with the policies of MOE, we endeavor to grant students access to the second language education in an elective course. We aim to cultivate students’ basic ability and interests in one or more second languages. With proficiency in languages, students are apt to develop global perspectives and by heeding global issues, they can further expand their horizons. We also aim to assist students in obtaining certification of international language competence, such as CEFR, Cambridge English Language Assessment, IELTS, TOEIC &TOFEL etc.  It is our hope that this language superiority can facilitate our students’ applications to colleges home and abroad when they graduate from high school. 

Stella Matutina Language Curriculum

  • Junior high school:
    Basic courses are offered in two languages: Japanese and Korean.
  • Senior high school:
    Courses are offered at basic and advanced levels in four languages:
    1. Japanese       
    2. German
    3. Spanish
    4. French


  • Students develop a command of the language under the guidance of experienced teachers in four skills: reading, listening, speaking and writing.
  • Students are exposed to teaching materials in pragmatic approaches, so that they can engage in daily conversations.
  • Students are introduced to diverse cultures through the target language.
  • Students practice test strategies for taking language proficiency tests.


  • To understand very short, simple information in the spoken and written language and to express oneself simply and briefly in speech and in writing for practical purposes in everyday situations requiring a direct exchange of information.
  • To understand and express in speaking and writing information, ideas, feelings, opinions and common functions about everyday situations in straightforward spoken and written language.
  • To understand and respond appropriately to information and points of view in spoken and written communication of the kind required in a variety of study, work, and leisure-related context in daily life.