2019 Admission Tests

Senior High School Entrance Procedure:

  • All interested Junior High students were required to take “Comprehensive Assessment Program(CAP)
  • Based on the guidelines of Senior High School Education Act of M.O.E (Ministry of Education) (20160601), private secondary schools are allowed a quota of certain proportion of freshmen coming straight from their own junior high schools (in our case, this year is the 60%, however the percentage will be downsize to 50% two years after, the percentage is restricted to the M.O.E planned enrollment figure to our senior high school.)

Junior high School Recruitment:

  • Stage One: 2019 SMGHS Diverse Learning Exploration:
    • Activity Date: 2019.03.16 (Sat.) 08:30 a.m. ~12:00 p.m.
    • The theme of Activity: Developing language ability in Mandarin & English; exploring logical thinking in Math.
    • Participants: Public and private primary school graduates of 2018 academic year
    • (Female students only)
  • Stage Two: 2019 Club Registration
    • Application eligibility: Applicants must satisfy the following two conditions.
      1. Complete the registration of 2019 SMGHS Diverse Learning Exploration
      2. Have won an award for the top six in the competitions of “Mandarin,” Science,” “Art,” “Music,” “Dance,” or “Physical Education” , organized by education authorities.
    • Application Date: TBD (yyyy/mm/dd)
    • Date of Registration: Monday through Friday (08:00-11:50 a.m.; 13:30-17:00 p.m.)
    • How to apply: Go to Academic Affairs Office and deliver the original document for certificate of merit and one copy of it.
    • Application Fee: Document qualification examiner fee 100 NTD