Co-curriculum Activities

Co-curriculum Activities


Senior High School:

  • Orientation for S1:
  • The purpose to hold the orientation for freshmen is to help them merge smoothly and adapt into the future learning environment more quickly. “New Life Education Camp”: Sisters and alumni with great enthusiasm will accompany and help the freshmen get used to a new life.
  • Leadership workshop:
  • Aside from curriculum learning, leadership is an essential skill for self-growth and enhances the competitiveness attributable to self-management.
  • Field trip for S2
  • Graduation blessing ceremony for S3
  • Career planning course: Career counseling course
  • The introduction activities for university departments: Leading our students to visit university department expo.
  • Counseling of Multiple University entry programs

Junior High school:

  • Orientation for J1
  • Ecological care and holiday camp
  • Field trip for J2
  • Vocational exploring for J1
  • Learning arts camp
  • Graduation blessing ceremony for J3


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