Features of Optional Course

Features of Optional Course

Senior High School Curriculum:

Brief Introduction of Diversified Elective Courses:

Elective courses were put to practice early on to prepare in advance for the revolutionized change of 12-year Basic Education Curriculum Guidelines(known as 107 Curriculum), with aims on developing and piloting new signature elective courses of and across various fields.

The fusion of school education and vision: Near-future Practice of 107 Curriculum

Under the guidelines of “holistic education”, SMGHS anticipates that our students will nurture their facility and skills in systematic analysis, technological innovation and cross-field integration. In addition, our school will continue to integrate related courses and develop new ones into the elective curriculum for students. Through these courses, we expect that our students will be able to broaden their global perspectives and enrich their knowledge.

Diversified Elective Courses—How to Develop “Global Awareness”?

  1. Literacy Knowledge and Skills  
    • (English) Falling in Love with Literature & Critical Thinking
    • (Social Studies) Model United Nations
    • (Social Studies) Study of the Materialism of Tea & Coffee
    • (Chinese) Traveling with Writers in Central Taiwan
    • (Chinese) Creativity, Reading, and Writing
    • (Second Foreign Languages) Japanese, German, Spanish
  2.  Critical and Creative Thinking
    • (Science) Selected Topics in Natural Science
    • (Math) Logical Deduction and Application
    • (English)Insight into Current Issues.
  3.  Arts and Digital Media Education
    • (Home Economics) Introduction to Global Food Cultures & “The Great Feast”
    • (Cross-Disciplinary Teaching—Music, Dance, and Chinese) Poetry Reading & Performance
    • (Music) Digital Composition
    • (Cross-Disciplinary Teaching—Music, Visual arts, Computer, Home Economics) “Fashion Show”

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