Club Activities

There are more than 30 clubs of various kinds ranging from academics, athletics, services, to skills and arts. The main purpose of club activities is to create a friendly learning environment and provide students with opportunities to pursue their leisure interests. Through participation in the clubs, students can develop interpersonal skills and cultivate social etiquette.

Academic clubs

Club Name

Brief Introduction


School Journal

The journal features literature, exclusive interviews, special reports, etc.  Members can get hands-on experience or training about publication.

Seniors only.

Ink art

Members can develop the ability to appreciate or even create literary works by learning the history of literature and the appreciation of works.

No limitation.


Members will get a basic understanding of poetry, and learn how to write poems as well.

No limitation.

Science Research

Theory and experimental lessons are included. There will be off-campus visits and activities. In each semester two scientific lectures will be held to broaden the members’ vision about science. 

Seniors only.

Biological Research

Through interactive activities such as group discussions, presentations, experiments, members are able to understand the various aspects of biology such as cell biology, zoology, botany and anthropology.

Seniors only.

Medical Research

The instructor will guide the members to learn different aspects of medicine, such as modern popular disease, awareness of common disease, the implementation of Chinese medicine, Western medicine experiments, etc.  University professors will also be invited as guest speakers to introduce the department of the medicine and provide related information about this field.

Seniors only.

Board Game

Now members have a new option – a board game that allows you to play upgrading games continuously, not limited to playing monopoly Uno cards only.

No limitation.


Theory courses like the rules of debates and skills are included for members to have some understanding of debating. Actual exercises are arranged on campus or off-campus to develop their spontaneity of response, self-confidence and the ability of logical thinking.

No limitation.

English Language

Members will discuss some classic mottos, and understand different customs and cultures in English-speaking countries.

Juniors only.

Japanese Language

Members will learn Japanese pronunciation and simple daily conversations.

No limitation.

Korean Language

Members as beginners will be exposed to the language through interesting materials and easy learning styles, such as singing songs and watching movies.

No limitation.

Exotic Culture

This course will introduce local foods, famous landscapes, art of clothing, etiquette, customs and other cultures. Members will learn to appreciate different cultures through teaching, sharing, discussing and making simple food.

Juniors only.

Mass media

The focus of the club is on how to identify the unreasonable and inappropriate media chaos and how to interpret the news, media and public relations when the press or social media now only focus on scandals and shoddy news to cater to the majority of audience.  

Seniors only.

International affairs study

In an era of globalization, it is essential to understand and even gain insights into current international issues.  Members are expected to think globally and act locally by applying what they learn in the club.

Seniors only