Offices of All Directors

Administrative office
Office of the Principal:
Sister Antonia LIU
Office of the Secretariat
Huey-Min CHOU
Office of Academic Affairs
Curriculum Director
Mei-Chia LIU
Chief of Curriculum
Linda DAI 
Chief of Experiment & Research
Ping-Hsiu TSAI
Chief of Registration
Yu-Ling LIU
Chief of Teaching Equipment
Wan-Ling CHUNG
Chief of Information Technology
Jamie HUNG
Director of Student Affairs      
Chief of Student Activity
Yu-Hsin LI
Chief of Sr. Student Discipline
Chief of Physical & Health Education
Chief of Jr. Student Discipline
Yun-Chen CHIEN

Director of General Affairs
Pi-Chao LIU

Director of Personnel
Chih-Ping HSU
Chief of General Affairs          
Cheng-Chin SUN
Chief of Cashier                      
Hsiao-Yin CHEN
Secretary of Alumnus Association
Hsuan-Jung LIN
Director of Counseling Office   
Mei-Ling WANG
Chief of Counseling Office
Ching-Fang YANG
Chief of Student Data
Chun-Su WU
Director of Religious Counseling Office
Yi-Mou LIN
Director of the Library
Shu-Yun KUAN
Other Offices 
  +886-4-2292 1175 ext.351
  +886-4-2296 0518
Alumni Line:
Direct Line:  +886-4-2292 5640
SMGHS Social Welfare Foundation  
 +886-4-2297 4225
 +886-4-2291 8556
International Education Project Assistant
Jessica LIN
  +886-4-2292 1175 ext.126
  +886-4-2296 0518